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  • Dedicated IP
  • Root Access
  • Highly Upgragable
  • Upto 1Gbits Uplink

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The perfect entry point for getting into a VPS.

  • 1 CPU Cores

  • 40 GB Storage

  • 1 TB Bandwidth

  • 45537 Score

  • RAM Upgradeable upto 8GB




The perfect entry point for getting into a VPS.

  • 2 CPU Cores

  • 80 GB Storage

  • 2 TB Bandwidth

  • 6847 Geekbench Score

  • RAM Upgradeable upto 12GB



The perfect entry point for getting into a VPS.

  • 4 CPU Cores

  • 160 GB Storage

  • 4 TB Bandwidth

  • 8632 Score

  • RAM Upgradeable upto 32GB



The perfect entry point for getting into a VPS.

  • 8 CPU Cores

  • 320 GB Storage

  • 8 TB Bandwidth

  • 10454 Score

  • RAM Upgradeable upto 64GB



The perfect entry point for getting into a VPS.

  • 16 CPU Cores

  • 640 GB Storage

  • 16 TB Bandwidth

  • 12789 Score

  • MAX RAM Upgrade


We bring you total upgrade solution for your VPS at cheapest rates, contact our Support to get additonal Services

Frequently Asked Queries

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A web hosting service (often shortened to web host) is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies that provide space on a server owned or leased for use by clients, as well as providing Internet connectivity, typically in a data center.

You will get the unlimited access for 24 hours a day via FTP. With this, you can create and maintain your website pages on your own system and can upload files to your website at your choice of time. VHS.

Of course! That is what we recommend. You can always start with any basic plan and later, when you feel the need to upgrade your plan, we will let you upgrade your web hosting plan with our simple and easy upgrade process. You may come across many web hosting providers that will ask you to purchase a new plan that your website might not really need. But at GoViralHost, we believe you should purchase the plan only as per your need.

We have 6+ years of expertise in Web Hosting & IT Infrastructure industry, In our team most of us started as Blogger or Web Developers. We quickly learnt how things at back works and how can we setup one. Our vision is very simple and bold; We want to provide same or in fact better quality of Web Hosting Services to internet that GoDaddy, 1&1 & Endurance International Provides, but with low profit with greatly reduced prices. Our team day & night thrive to find most affordable and better providers that suites our Infrastructure and we comfortably managed to establish foxmoonhosting.com :) In the process we assure not degradation of services & technology used as well as no use of cracked softwares. All our license & software used is verified by their respective providers and our customers can always ask us for the verification.

Obviously, we appreciate our customers who buys services on frequent basis that can be anyone, individuals & companies can partner with us for furthermore great prices on bulk orders. You can always ask us for these programs via live chat, tickets & WhatsApp :).

We usually activated all orders manually in 0 minute to 10 minutes and these tasks are carried by our sales team members. But sometimes in heavy load it can take 30 mins In services like VPS & Dedicated Servers timing can vary from availability of resources at our inventory while we quickly act to active service within few business hours :).

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Awesome support from technical

Amazing hosting at in cheap price, really so fast and good response, I am using this hosting and they are providing the best quality VPS hosting.

Alex Khamer
6 days ago
Awesome Design Quality with Support

Whatsapp chat support & Foxmoon Ticket Support Is Very Good, Hosting Is Also Good. Thank You Foxmoon hosting, Budget Pricing, Quick Support, SSD Hosting Cheap price , Tq

Peter Anderson
3 days ago
Contacted support after Midnight

The most important factor to consider when choosing a web hosting provider is their performance – speed and uptime. That is simply great on this company.

Jolio Darix
8 days ago